Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why we light Shabbat candles

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We have been learning about lighting Shabbat candles.

We have already pointed out that lighting Shabbat candles may be understood as a function of enjoying Shabbat (as quoted in Mishneh Berurah), or of honoring Shabbat (as the Rambam declared).

A third view maintains that lighting Shabbat candles incorporates both elements, honoring Shabbat and creating enjoyment. Lighting where one eats the Shabbat meal creates honor for the day; lighting in other parts of the home provides enjoyment, for we can more easily move about our homes.

This helps explain why candle-lighting, unique among all of the acts we perform to prepare for Shabbat, has its own blessing.

(Aruch haShulchan, Orach Chaim 263:1-2)

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