Tuesday, November 25, 2008



With the month of Kislev beginning on the Jewish calendar this Friday, it's time to start learning about Chanukah!

We begin with Menorah-lighting.

Minimally, one lights a single flame on the Menorah on each night of Chanukah. Our practice is to go beyond that, lighting a number of flames corresponding to the night of Chanukah - 2 for the 2nd night, 3 for the 3rd night, etc.

In a home in which multiple people light, each Menorah's flames must be clearly visible to onlookers, and must be distinct from the lights of any other Menorah, so that an observer will be able to look at the Menorah and know what night of Chanukah it is.

For the same reason, a Menorah should have all of the flames at approximately the same height and in a row. Having different flames at very different heights would prevent observers from being able to count the flames, and having a circle arrangement of flames would result in some of the flames obscuring the others.

(Code of Jewish Law Orach Chaim 671:2, 4)

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