Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prayer for Rain


Beginning this Thursday night (at Maariv), we change the 9th blessing of the Amidah (Blessing of the Seasons), which begins "ברך עלינו" "Bless on our behalf." We insert the request, "ותן טל ומטר" "Give us rain and dew, for a blessing," and we use this phrase until Pesach.

The request for rain is considered so integral to the Amidah that one who accidentally omits it, and finishes the Amidah, is supposed to repeat the whole Amidah.

One who catches the error before reciting the final 9 words of the blessing may simply insert that request for rain wherever she is in the blessing, and continue.

One who catches the error before concluding the 16th blessing, "Shma Koleinu," "Hear our voice," may insert it into that blessing - before the words "Ki Atah Shomeia," "For You hear the prayer."

One who catches the error after that, but before concluding the Amidah by stepping out of the Amidah stance, goes back to the 9th blessing, says it again, and repeats the Amidah from that point to the end.

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