Monday, May 25, 2009

Yom haMeyuchas


We interrupt our discussion of Eruv Tavshilin to introduce Yom haMeyuchas. Today [Monday] is a special day on the calendar: Yom haMeyuchas יום המיוחס.

"Yichus יחוס" is usually used in reference to lineage, but it means "association." Someone with "good yichus" is someone who has good associates. Similarly, a day that is "meyuchas" is a day with special associates.

There are two common explanations for why this day has special yichus:

1. One reading of the pesukim detailing the dialogue between HaShem and Moshe before Sinai shows that on this day Moshe conveyed HaShem's message, "You will be a kingdom of kohanim and a sacred nation," to the Jews. (Taamei haMinhagim)

2. This day has nothing inherently special, but it is the day after Rosh Chodesh and the day before the 3 days of preparation for the presentation of the Torah, and that gives it special status.

There are no major celebrations for this day, but in davening we omit Tachanun.

Either way, Happy Yom haMeyuchas!

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