Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kli sheMelachto l'Issur, Part II


We have defined a kli shem'lachto l'issur, an implement which is normally used for purposes prohibited on Shabbat.

Such an implement may be used for a permitted purpose on Shabbat, if one does not have the option of using an implement that is more permissible [ie that is not normally used for prohibited purposes]. This is called moving the item "l'tzorech gufo" - for its own sake.

For example: A hammer is normally used for purposes which are prohibited on Shabbat. One who lacks a nutcracker may use a hammer to crack nuts on Shabbat.

One may also move such an implement in order to give to another person who will be using it permissibly.

(Shemirat Shabbat k'Hilchatah 20:8-9)

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