Thursday, February 3, 2011

"One who performs truth, whose deeds are true"


The berachah of Kiddush Levanah includes praise of "פועל אמת שפעולתו אמת, One who performs truth, whose deeds are true." The Avudraham offers two explanations for this passage:

1. It refers to Gd, and His deeds are true in that they are enduring. Alternatively, the "true deed" is the decision to shrink the moon from its original status as one of "two great luminaries" to "the minor luminary" (Bereishit 1:16).

2. It should read "פועלי אמת, performers of truth," and refer to the luminaries Gd created, who perform exactly what Gd instructs them to do, without variation.

(Avudraham, Birchat haRe'iyyah, haShevach v'haHodaah)

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