Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thirty days before Pesach


One is supposed to begin learning the laws of Pesach thirty days before the holiday, so please look in the sidebar for Pesach links! Bonus points if you read any of them aloud at your Purim Seudah.

And a special note from my friend and successor at Congregation Sons of Israel in Allentown, Rabbi David Wilensky:

Congregation Sons of Israel will begin sending a daily video of the dvar torah shared after minyan each morning! This is an exciting new initiative which will enable everyone to feel as though they are attending shul even if they may be unable to do so. All members of our email list will receive this video for the next five days. If you are interested in continuing to receive the daily video after the five days, please email me and you will be included on the video email list. Additionally, if there are people who are not members of our shul who you feel would be interested in being on this email list, feel free to let me know. The videos are available at

חג פורים שמח,

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