Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hallel in shul on Pesach night


What should I do if I daven on Pesach night in a shul which says Hallel, and my minhag is not to say Hallel?

Various reasons are cited for saying Hallel in shul on Pesach night; some suggest this fulfills the mitzvah for those who are not expert enough to recite it properly at the seder, while others suggest it is because we split Hallel into two parts in our Haggadah. The practice is cited by major Sephardic authorities and some Ashkenazic authorities, although it is not universal.

One who personally does not recite Hallel, but who is in a shul which does, should recite Hallel to avoid varying visibly from their practice. Some authorities even say that he should recite Hallel with a berachah, if the community would notice its omission.

One who personally recites Hallel, but is in a shul which does not, should recite Hallel quietly in private.

(Ran to Pesachim 118a; Tur Orach Chaim 473; Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 487:4; Birkei Yosef 487:9; Kaf haChaim 487:38-39; Igrot Moshe Orach Chaim 2:94; Moadim uZmanim 7:179; Piskei Teshuvos 487:5)

חג כשר ושמח,

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