Monday, February 17, 2014

V'charot imo habrit


In the psukei d'zimra part of the morning davening, it is common for people to have a paragraph break in the middle of the Vayivarech David verses, before the words V'Charot imo habrit. This segment is part of the book of Nechemiah - Chapter 9, sentences 6-11.

The paragraph break seems to be a mistake; the point where people pause is actually mid-sentence. The mistake seems to have begun from a custom regarding the day of a brit milah: when there is a circumcision, some shuls have the mohel lead the recitation of the section that begins with v'Charot imo habrit. This may have led people to view that as a breakpoint. However, there should be no break.

(Rivivot Eprahim 1:41:2)

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