Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dragging it out


If a chazan sings v'imru Amen in Kaddish for an extended period of time, one should say Amen and not wait for the end. The essential text is already concluded (v'imru Amen simply means, "And let us say Amen"), and the extended tune constitutes an inappropriate interruption between the text and the Amen. [Note: The author does not define "extended period of time".]

If a chazan sings the end of a blessing (such as in the repetition of the amidah) for an extended period of time, one should not say Amen until the blessing is complete.

(Rivivot Ephraim 1:88:2)

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  1. only slightly related I have been confused by the humming by the kohanim during birkat kohanim. How does this not constitute a hefsek during their bracha? May I still answer amen if indeed it is a hefsek?

  2. Anonymous-
    My sense is that this pause is not a problem in its normal form - but I do think there must be a limit to what is acceptable.