Sunday, June 8, 2014

Praying while connected to a catheter


May a person daven while connected to a catheter?

We communicate with G-d when we daven, and Devarim 23:14 states that a space in which excrement is found is unfit for the presence of G-d. However, one who excretes via catheter and has no control over the flow may still daven, so long as the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • There must be no foul smell in the room;
  • The catheter should be covered.
 There are multiple reasons to be lenient in this circumstance, including 1) the importance of ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to daven, and 2) the uncertainty as to whether excrement is emerging from the body at any given monent.

One who excretes via catheter should recite the berachah of asher yatzar as part of his morning berachos (subject to the two conditions above), and have in mind that it will serve for the entire day.

(Ishei Yisrael 3:13 and 52:11, and footnotes there)

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