Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kiddush Levanah during the Nine Days and after Tisha b'Av


May I recite kiddush levanah during the Nine Days, or right after Tishah b'Av?

Kiddush levanah is meant to be joyous; therefore, many halachic authorities say that kiddush levanah should be postponed until after Tishah b'Av. Others rule that mitzvot should never be delayed, but they do refrain from singing and dancing at kiddush levanah during this period.

Those who wait to recite kiddush levanah may recite it at the close of Tishah b'Av, even though that is not yet a time for great joy. Indeed, some specifically recommend reciting kiddush levanah at this time; the text of kiddush levanah speaks of our renewal, and we are taught that Mashiach is born on Tishah b'Av. According to some, one should don shoes and eat first, to remove the influence of mourning. Some refrain from singing and dancing at kiddush levanah on this night.

Some wait to recite kiddush levanah until the Motzaei Shabbat after Tishah b'Av, to associate it with the joy of Shabbat. However, this year that would leave only two nights for kiddush levanah, and cloudy skies could eliminate the mitzvah entirely, so it may be better to recite kiddush levanah earlier in the week.

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המצפה לישועה,

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