Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mishloach Manos for Mourners?


Does a mourner send or receive Mishloach Manos?

Even though the mitzvah of sending mishloach manos involves joy, a mourner is obligated to send mishloach manos. This applies even during shivah. However, the mourner should not send items like wine and delicacies, which increase joy.

One should not send mishloach manos to a mourner, meaning a person who is within the year after losing a parent, or one who is within 30 days after losing a spouse, sibling or child r"l. However, a mourner who receives mishloach manos is not required to refuse them.

One may send to a mourner's family members, where the sender has a relationship with them.

One may send mishloach manos to a needy mourner, as a form of tzedakah. One may send to a mourner who holds a professional position in which it is expected that people will send him mishloach manos as a means of support.

May we know happy occasions.

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