Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nullifying ownership of Chametz


After we search for Chametz on the night preceding Passover, we verbally annul our ownership of any Chametz we have not discovered.

In a normal year, we repeat the annulment after we burn our remaining Chametz on the day after the search. We change the wording somewhat, though - the nighttime annulment is intended to annul ownership of any Chametz we have missed, but the daytime edition annuls ownership of any Chametz at all, whether we know where it is or whether we have missed it.

The reason for the different editions is that at night we still hold over Chametz to eat the next morning; when we get to the daytime edition, we should have nothing left to annul.

This year, though, we need to hold Chametz until Shabbat itself. Therefore, when we burn Chametz on Friday morning we do not recite the normal nullification of ownership of all remaining chametz. That waits until Shabbat morning, when we have finished eating our chametz.

Note: I almost always recommend that people who do not speak Hebrew recite prayers in English, but this is especially true for the annulment of Chametz. These statements must be made in a language one understands, since they are essentially legal declarations. There is a translated version in the standard Artscroll Siddur on page 655.

(Code of Jewish Law Orach Chaim 434:2-3)

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