Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Making the Megilah more 'real'


We have been learning about Purim, and Megilah reading.

We take several steps to make the story of the Megilah more 'real' during Megilah reading:

*The reader should pause for no more than a breath between sentences, like a courier reading aloud a royal decree from a scroll.

*When the reader reaches the words, 'This scroll,' he picks up the Megilah like a scroll, and displays it.

*The reader uses a single breath to recite the names of the ten sons of Haman (who led his armies and were killed when the Jews defended themselves), because they were all killed at once.

*When the reader reaches the words (Esther 6:1), 'On that night,' referring to the night when Achashverosh could not sleep and he remembered the way Mordechai had saved his life, the reader should elevate his volume; this is the point when the redemption of the Jews began to get rolling.

None of these actions are requirements, such that omitting them would disqualify the reading.

(Code of Jewish Law Orach Chaim 690:15; Mishneh Berurah 690:52)

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