Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inviting a guest who won't accept the inivtation


When dealing with other people, one must be sure that they do not misinterpret his actions in a way that will help him. So, for example, one may not make a good impression by inviting a person to a meal or event while knowing that the person cannot attend.

Two notes on this specific case, though:
1. This applies only to repetitive, pressing invitations; asking once or twice is fine and good, lest the person be insulted that he is never invited.

2. This applies only if the invitation actually creates a misimpression. The widespread practice of 'inviting' relatives and distant friends to an event in order to make them feel a part of the celebration is appropriate, because everyone involved understands what is really happening.

(Code of Jewish Law Choshen Mishpat 228:6; Meirat Einayim 228:8)

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