Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alternatives to wine for the nighttime kiddush


We have been learning about reciting Kiddush on Friday night.

What does one do for the Friday night Kiddush if wine is not an option, for health reasons or because it is not available?

There is some debate as to whether one may substitute other alcoholic beverages for the nighttime Kiddush, and so these should be avoided. There is some debate as to whether one may use grape juice, and varying customs have developed regarding its use.

If one does not have wine as an option, and one does not use grape juice for Kiddush, then one may recite Kiddush over bread. One washes as we do for bread regularly, then one says the regular Kiddush while holding the bread, and one substitutes the blessing over bread in place of the blessing over wine.

It should be noted that if the normal reciter of Kiddush cannot drink wine but another adult present is able to drink wine, the optimal solution is for that other adult to recite Kiddush for him.

(Code of Jewish Law Orach Chaim 272:9; Mishneh Berurah ibid.)

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