Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are flowers muktzeh on Shabbat?


Are flowers muktzeh on Shabbat, if they were cut beforehand?

Flowers which were brought home before Shabbat to be admired for their beauty are not muktzeh, and may be handled on Shabbat; for example, one may remove them from their vases to admire and smell them. However, if the flowers have visible roots then one may not remove them from water; this would be an act of uprooting them.

One may not set up a vase with water on Shabbat; this is considered a strenuous activity. Even if a vase already contains water, one may not introduce flowers; water invigorates them, causing blossoms to open, and so this would be an act of planting. For the same reason, one may not return flowers to water from which they have been removed.

One may not assemble a bouquet of flowers in a receptacle, even without tying them together.

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