Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Moving a trash can on Shabbos


[Note: This topic is subject to some debate; please consult your Rabbi for practical guidance.]

An empty trash can may be brought back from the curb on Shabbat, whether because it is needed for depositing more trash or because of concern that it might be stolen. This is because the can is made of non-absorbent materials that are easily cleaned.

This assumes that a valid eruv is in place.

(Rivivot Ephraim 1:222:19)

חג אורים שמח,


  1. Rabbi, I guess R'Ephraim wrote this for Israel where cities have a valid eruv, am I correct?

  2. Lazar-
    Good catch; I should have noted the eruv, which he does mention in his teshuvah on the subject. (Although it was not written for Israel, specifically.)