Monday, August 26, 2013

Relying on the Rabbi's eruv tavshilin


I know that the Rabbi makes an eruv tavshilin and includes those who have forgotten to prepare one themselves. May I choose to rely on the Rabbi's eruv tavshilin from the outset?

The sage Shemuel once disqualified someone from relying on his eruv tavshilin, apparently because that person had repeatedly failed to prepare his own eruv tavshilin. There is some debate as to whether this was Shemuel's unique stance, or whether this disqualification is inherent in the laws of eruv tavshilin.

In practice, all agree that each household should set up its own eruv tavshilin, and not rely on another person having them in mind. Further, many halachic authorities write that one who intentionally skips preparing his own eruv tavshilin is not able to rely on the eruv tavshilin of the Rabbi.

One whose eruv tavshilin is eaten or goes bad before Friday may rely on the Rabbi's eruv tavshilin.

(Beitzah 16b; Rashi ibid l'didach assur; Rosh Beitzah 2:2; Rashba 1:683; Kol Bo 59; Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 527:7-8)

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