Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A make-up prayer


One who misses an amidah due to error or due to circumstances beyond his control is permitted to recite a second amidah for the next prayer, and count that as a make-up. However, one may not do so at a later prayer; it may only be done at the immediately ensuing prayer.

Perhaps the limit on making up a missed prayer stems from the fact that the amidah is considered to be parallel to the daily offerings brought in the Beit haMikdash. Those offerings may not be made up on the following day; therefore, the amidah cannot be made up on the following day.

It is true that one who misses minchah is able to make it up at maariv, but this may be because portions of the daytime offering are placed on the altar that night, at the time of maariv. [I am not sure, though, how this will fit with making up maariv on the next morning.]

(Rivivot Ephraim 1:100:1)

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